Venue : Hatfield. 7th-8th November, 2015

For people holding a Time Line Therapy Practitioner of Master Practitioner Certificate

Many people who do our Time Line Therapy course, perhaps, do not go out and use it with a client straight away and, by the time they do, then they have forgotten how to pre frame the client and also how to frame the learnings – the new way!

As you may or may not be aware TLT has changed significantly over the years and the move from not asking the client what they learned, to getting them to vocalise what they learned and now to the present day where we look for the unconscious thread on the learning and develop it. So there have been big changes and also, big changes to the results too.

The Master Practitioners agreed that it would be super useful to have a TLT refresh weekend where we can go over the technique, talk about the problems people have had, remind you all how to pre frame your client and, as importantly, have a good practice and see a few demonstrations.

So we have arranged a weekend in Hertfordshire (Hatfield) on the 7th-8th November where Natasha Freeborn and I will do just that.

Thus, if your TLT is a little rusty, or you want to bring yourself up to date, or you want another practice under supervision, or that you want to see demonstrations, or perhaps you just want a weekend with like-minded people then give us a call.

Please note this is not just us spouting the TLT practitioner course again. This is refining and reviewing what you know and don’t know and showing you the latest ways.

Investment is £200 if you book this week, including the latest manual and the joy of our company!!! . After the 27th June, 2015 it will be £250.

I am going to limit this course to a maximum of 12 people so, it is very much on a first come first served basis.

If you want a place – call now! 01753 868156


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