Coaching is the art of teaching a man or woman how he or she may learn to grow independently and how to be the best that they can be. Coaching helps the client to remove barriers that are stopping them achieve their goals and then ensuring they keep on the best path to that goal.

Why Everyone Needs a Coach

You may have noticed that every world champion has a coach. Now you may not have any desire to be a world champion but most people have a desire to achieve more in their lives.

The problem that we have is that ‘life’ gets in the way and we often settle for second best because we don’t have the time, or knowledge, to get round or through the problems.

In other words we get stuck or, in many cases, hit our peak, because we are thinking in the same old way and unless we change how we think, we will keep getting the same old results in our lives.

With our form of NLP Coaching we can help you change the way you think to enable you to break down the barriers that are preventing you getting what you want in life or repeating un-useful patterns of behaviour to raise your performance and create the future that you desire.

So if your life could go better, or there are things in your life that need changing, or unwanted patterns in your life that keep re-occurring, or you have goals that you are struggling to achieve, then you need a coach!

Why our form of Coaching works?

Thete is a lot of talking about the past in conventional coaching. There is a lot of reframing of the past. The coach attempts to push or encourage the client to adopt new behaviours and this is REALLY hard for the client to do because they are still thinking in their ‘normal’ way of thinking. Often, conventional coaching, could be described as trying to push a rock up a hill.

Why come to us for your Coaching?

bruce farrow talks on nlp in personal developmentThere are a lot of coaches out there and picking the right one for you can be a fraught experience. After all how do you know they are going to be good enough to get the best results.

Bruce Farrow is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP (ABNLP) – one of a handful in the world – and has spent the last 15 years training people in the art and science of NLP. He is also a Certified Trainer of Master NLP Coach, a Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy and a Certified Master Trainer of NLP. So his qualifications clearly show you that he is VERY experienced in the world of personal change and growth.

In addition to the above he has been coaching through those 15 years and hence has a wealth of coaching experience to draw on to enable you to reach the goals that you desire.

What NLP Coaching is NOT!

Coaching is not counselling or consulting. Counselling deals with the content of your past. In other words you would spend much time talking about the ‘dramas’ in your life and the theory is that by talking about it you get some form of resolution on it.

Our form of coaching does NOT ask you to discuss at length the content of your past. Using NLP and Time Line Therapy we can resolve your past issues witthout going into the details. When we do this you change your thinking which will allow us to start to coach you into your future.

What NLP Coaching is!

A developmental ongoing interaction between two people, the Coach and the Client which assists the Client to develop his capabilities, achieve his goals and objectives and produce successful results.

The NLP Coach facilitates change through verbal and non-verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, exercises, etc). The NLP Coach promotes and supports his Client’s growth, learning, professional development, and personal bench-marks.

The NLP Coach creates and facilitates change, elicits, selects, trains, asks meaningful questions, motivates, creates insight, explains, tasks, evokes, challenges, stimulates, supports and encourages client’s self-expression.

We are different from conventional coaches because we have the ‘technology’ to help the client get rid of blockages in their thinking that have prevented from previously being able to achieve all their goals. The technology that we refer to is NLP, Time Line Therapy™ or Creating Your Future techniques™ and hypnosis.

Essentially a client comes to us with the thinking that has resulted in their achievements, or non achievements, so far in their life. If they want to achieve more then they need to change that thinking and we have the tools to help the client do that.

The Different Forms of NLP Coaching Offered

Life Coaching

Life coaching taken in your life as a whole. It helps you achieve the life that you want and may cover all areas – relationships, career and personal development.

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Performance Coaching

This is very targetted on coaching you to increased performance levels in something specific. It might be sports, or business or a hobby.

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Business or Career Coaching

Business or career coaching focusses on coaching you to higher achievements in your career or business which have become a stumbling block. Maybe your career has ‘stalled’ or maybe you are coming back to a career after a break.

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Specialist Sports Performance Coaching – for professional sports people only

This is specifically for professional sportsmen and women who make their living out of sports. This form of coaching is aimed at moving the client to the next level of achievement within their sport by working with their mind. Please note we will not work with all sports so please enquire with us to see if we can do something for you.

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