redwing nlp trainingThere once was a man who lived in an exotic land far way over rough seas and beyond. He had done well for himself throughout his years having served in high powered positions, which had brought him lots of money. He had a comfortable life and all the luxuries that he could afford. He had a large house, extensive lands, fast cars, butlers, maids, fine suits and everything else he desired.

He had worked with great minds of his time and brought about meaningful change to the lives of others. He was a wise mentor, with many mentees and people all around the globe would come far and wide for his wisdom and words of advice.

He was very accomplished indeed. However, for all his riches and wisdom he was still unsatisfied. He knew there was something that was missing in his life yet he couldn’t put his finger on it. All he knew was that there was something more. Something intangible that he couldn’t buy or theorise about.

Every day and every night he would think about what was missing from his life and try to figure out what it was. It was one evening when he was talking to a trusted friend and procurer of artefacts that he found a potential solution to his problem.

His friend told him of a relic that he had been searching for many years ago that could tell the user of it whatever they desired most and how to get it. As you can imagine such an artefact can be hard to trace, as people do unspeakable things to gain possession of such a powerful tool and it was constantly moving from owner to owner.

After much debate the man decided he would seek out this artefact to give him what was missing in his life. He packed his bags and the next day he was off to the distant land where his friend said it was located.

When he arrived there he started his enquiries. Most people avoided him like the plague out of fear that he was bringing chaos to their doorstep. After weeks of searching and enquiring he started to get names of people and places where the relic had last been seen. When he arrived to each location there was another string of names and places where it was and so on and so on. He tirelessly went on, crossing names and locations off his seemingly endless list.

Years passed by and still the man continued on his journey to fill the void in his life. He’d been through forests and deserts, crossed oceans and seas, he’d climbed mountains and crags and been to the corners of the earth to find this relic. He was starting to think that maybe such an item did not exist and that he was destined not to resolve his dilemma.

A couple of days later he walked into a small shanty town and asked an old lady where the artefact was last seen. The old lady looked at him and then pointed down the street to a solitary fabricated hut that stood at the end. It was made out of corrugated iron sheets and had patches welded onto it to cover any holes that had rusted through. It looked like it had been there for decades, if not a century. There were shapes and symbols painted on the side with faded dyes and mud as well as a sign that read ‘sage’ in the native tongue of the land.

The man approached the hut cautiously as he reflected on his journey that had brought him to this place. When he got to the iron sheet that served as a door he gave a slight knock and nudged it aside. He stepped inside and found a large open plan room with a fire pit in the middle and a kettle bubbling away over the fire. In the corner at the table was a man, slight in size and wrapped in something that resembled a black cloak or habit. The man walked over to the sage and sat opposite him. They greeted each other, sat and talked. After a while man asked about the relic.

‘What artefact are you talking about again?’ the sage inquired.

‘The relic that tells you your deepest desires and how to get them. I have travelled very far and wish to have my questions answered.’ stated the man.

‘Oh yes, I do recall that particular item now. A lovely ornate wooden statue with fantastic carvings!’ explained the sage as he gestured with his hands the shape of the relic.

‘Yes! That’s it!’ the man said excitedly.

‘I’m afraid I don’t have it anymore,’ said the sage.

‘What do you mean?! When I asked the lady down the street she pointed here and said you have it!’ the man retorted.

‘I did have it. Unfortunately, one night it got quite cold and I had to use it for firewood.’ replied the sage.

‘Firewood?! What! Why would you do that to such an important and rare relic?’ exclaimed the man.

‘Well, I asked it what I desired most and it didn’t answer. Would you like a cup of tea?’ asked the sage.

And with that the sage pottered over to the kettle whilst humming to himself and served some tea.

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