bruce farrow nlp windsor - conviction to excellenceMy announcement last week prompted the largest influx of emails I have ever experienced. I was VERY touched by so many people actually taking the time to write to express what they had gained from our courses, how they had changed their lives and, wishing me the best in my ‘semi’ retirement.

I am lucky that I have had an awesome time in the last 15 years and have met so many fabulous people. I should be thanking you for that!

Anyway, a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who sent me wishes – I think I have responded to all of them but if I missed the odd one out – forgive me!




Note on Author – Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer,  trained NLP courses for many years.  His long term conviction to help every student embrace the knowledge of the science and art of NLP and, in doing so, change their lives resulted in his NLP trainings becoming highly sought after. He has now retired from training and lives in Windor with his family.

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