Darren Fagg - Curiosity NLP‘So how’s Business?’ I shout through the glass window to the cabbie.

‘Plenty of people about’.

The driver shakes his head.

‘No, mate’, he says. ‘The sun brings them out all right. But no one wants to take a cab in this weather. All they want to do is sit about in parks. I wanted to watch football tonight but instead I’ll probably be working now. I have to make 200 a day just to cover the cost of hiring this thing. Then there’s the diesel on top of that. Give me the rain and the cold any day of the week. Once I’ve reached my quota I can knock off early’.

I jump out of the cab pay and turn to my friend. Now I might be missing a trick here but hasn’t he got it the wrong way round.

‘How do you’ mean he asks.

‘Well if it’s me I would be working longer on the good days and knocking off early on the bad days instead. Think about it. If you’re going to knock of early, why do it on a day when you’re coining it right left and centre. Its madness! On a day like that you should keep your foot on the gas and maximize your profits, surely!

‘On the other hand, it actually makes sense to knock off early on a slow day because not only is your profit margin going to be low anyway. ‘You’ll be conserving energy for your next shift which could turn out to be the good’un’.

What if you are living your life this way to focused on one thing, therefore missing out on chances the next day as you are too tired to notice a great opportunity or making up the losses from the day before.

If you are in this situation and wish you could see the bigger picture and the detail at the same time, please call and have a discussion.


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