As a professional sports person you are well aware that your performance in your sport is limited by your skill or talent, your knowledge of the sport, your physiology (in many sports), your technique AND, most importantly, your mind!

In professional sports the margin between being World Champion and a journeyman is so small that every professional needs to tick ALL the boxes in order to be the best.

If we take golf for example. The leader of the PGA European Tour (as I write this today) is Rory McIlroy who averages 69.28 shots per round. Now if we look at the 100th person ranked on the PGA Eurpean Tour, he averages 71.12 shots per round. That is a difference of 1.84 shots per round between the leader and the person ranked 100!

Now the $64 million dollar question is ‘is the 1.84 shot per round difference down to skill, technique, or the mind.

Many sports people spend forever working on technique when perhaps they would gain more by working on their mind.

Our professional sports coaching is aimed primarily at sports professionals who want to go to the next level.


How does it work?

You have an initial consultation by phone with Bruce Farrow (this is free of charge). During this chat you will give an overview of what you want to achieve in your sport, where you are at the moment and perhaps any relevant reasons that you have not achieved what you want already (if you know). Bruce will explain the overview of the coaching process and how it will benefit you specifically. At the end of this discussion both parties will decide whether they want to work together or don’t, as the case may be.

Now the next bit is important!

Bruce will then design a coaching package for you based on the conversation that you have had. No two clients are the same and every package is different and designed specifically for that client to enable them to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

You will then be sent your quotation package which will include the number of sessions and the spread between the sessions, whether they will be face to face or over the skype and a detailed pricing document. It will also detail what is expected of both parties.

Within any sports coaching package there may be requirements for the coach to attend your sporting events. This will be detailed.

Should you wish to go ahead at this point, then we can discuss payment terms.

At time of payment you will be sent a coaching contract which puts all the above into a single document and is signed by both parties. It will also include a proposed schedule of contact dates.

At this point your coaching programme begins and is likely to start with a selection of written tasks which must be completed before you first see your coach. This will give your coach a lot of the information he needs to ascertain what needs to be done.He might want to see you in action or watch videos of your past performances (often useful)

You will then have several sessions with your coach. Each session will be aimed at removing your ‘mental’ blocks and clearing out any ‘baggage’ in your neurology. Once this phase is completed then you will be asked to write a specific goal.

The following sessions will go like this. You will be set a task (which will essentially be the next step towards your goal which is agreed between you and your coach) and you will be expected to complete that task. On the next session we review the task set, work on any areas in your thinking that may have come up that are creating problems for you and then set the next task, which is the next step towards your goal. These sessions are normally done on skype but can be done face to face or in the sporting arena.

The idea is that throughout the coaching process you will be moving inexorably towards your goal with a coach who you can bounce ideas off, who understands how you think and has the experience and knowledge to help you change.

To make an enquiry about NLP Professional Sports Coaching and to arrange an initial chat with Bruce click the link below

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