presentation skillsWhy would you want it?

More people are frightened of public speaking than they are of death, according to statistics and this is usually because their presentation skills are sadly lacking!

Are you one of those people or perhaps, you do presentations, but dont enjoy them. Maybe you do presentations but the feedback you get isn’t great or do your presentations always go wrong?

Perhaps you even have a really important presentation coming up that you just have to nail?

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced presenter, if you need to raise your game then a couple of days of presentation skills coaching will change your results.

There are several issues that are prevalent amongst presentations – be it corporate or informational/educational. They are as follows.

  1. Poorly constructed/formatted material – most presentations are a mess of information which confuses.
  2. Poorly delivered – usually because the person has had little or the wrong training.
  3. Boring and with little objective.

What being coached on presentation skills entails

In your 2 days of presentation skills coaching you will learn how to construct a presentation for maximum effect. You will learn how to deliver it, how to stand, how to utilise your voice to make the content interesting, how and when to use hand gestures for a purpose, and how to make your presentation memorable for the right reasons!

The thing is, presenting to a high standard is not that hard – IF you know what you are doing and, remember, most people have never had any formal training in this art.

How does it work

The 2 day Presentation Skills coaching is delivered on a one to one basis. In other words, there will be no sitting around waiting for other people to present – the 2 days is all about you and it is done at a place convenient to you.

Each 2 day session will be tailored to your experience and abilities – so this is not just for experts – it works with beginners too!

You will spend 2 days with Bruce Farrow, Certified Master Trainer of NLP and his total focus will be you and helping you raise your game.

We will work through your ‘fears’ of presenting (if any) and deal with those to start with. You will then be asked to present a pre-prepared presentation which will be our vehicle for the 2 days.

Essentially we will take that and you will be guided how to improve it, change it so you end up with something special. You will be taught how to utilise some NLP skills into your content and you will learn all the tricks of the trade and we will get rid of all those old bad habits! You will also learn how, and when, to tell stories with a purpose to bring your presentation alive and to install your message at an unconscious level.

By the end of the 2 days you will be having fun presenting and you will be confident that you will be able to present elegantly and with impact, in the future.

What if you did it?

You would be looking forward to your next presentation with excitement, knowing that it will be delivered effectively, that your audience will enjoy it and remember it!

Want more information?

If you want further information please email

Remember – the coaching takes place in a location convenient to yourself.

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