Certified NLP Master Trainer, ABNLP, Bruce Farrow

Bruce Farrow, ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP

The Theme of the International NLP Trainers Training – “Be Alive, Be Inspirational, Be You”

4th September -28th September – Hua Hin, Thailand.

Certified by the ABNLP.

NLP Trainers Training with an ABNLP NLP Master Trainer, Bruce Farrow. For those who want the best NLP Trainers Training.

The 2018 course will be our 10th experience of running of this event and it will be held, as per usual, at the Hyatt Regency Resort Conference Centre in Hua Hin, Thailand. This awesome venue has become the home of our annual Blue Riband event over the last 8 years, and it’s surroundings are idyllic, the facilities magnificent and the staff are second to none making it the perfect location for this life experience.

Please note that this event will be hosted under the banner of Palatua Ltd who will be organising the event.

So why attend the International NLP
Trainer Training?

  • Looking for a new career as an NLP Trainer?
  • Looking for the ultimate personal development course?
  • Already a trainer (not of NLP) and want to take your trainings to the next level?
  • You are inspired by your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material and want to go to the develop yourself further as an individual and the next step is NLP TT.
  • Do you need more qualifications to add to your credibility in
    whatever field you work in?
  • Maybe you are exploring options in your career?
  • Your desire to want to stretch yourself?
  • You want to learn how to become an inspirational presenter and learn how to present elegantly and charismatically?

If you can say yes to any of the above then this training is for you!

For a detailed brochure on the course contents click here.

Why choose this NLP Trainers Training?

Firstly, this training NLP Trainers Training is run by a Certified NLP Master Trainer who is certified by a legitimate and long standing certification board – the ABNLP. Consequently, the qualification is recognised by the ABNLP and other certification boards.

Beware of some,”so called” NLP Trainers Training’s which are run by unqualified trainers and consequently, the certification offered, is not recognised globally, if at all.

Helford NLP Ltd is well know for delivering high quality, certified NLP courses throughout the world. We have trained in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. This NLP Trainers Training has been designed to be more complete than others currently being offered.

The International NLP Trainers Training – what does it offer?

It offers more to our students and is a more personal training. Our standards are high. Ask anyone who has attended one of our NLP programs and they will confirm this. This NLP TT is no different – high standards consequently mean students benefit. Our objectives are always to deliver trainings that will allow the student to expand their thinking, give them new skills and most importantly, allow them to make whatever changes are necessary in themselves to be confident using their new knowledge. You will notice that this training is longer than most and that is because we want students to have the time to practice, hone and refine the skills that they learn to be the best that they can be. This training is about the quality of the end result and quality takes a little more time.

We help the students to refresh their NLP knowledge by offering optional morning sessions where NLP Trainers are available to coach, teach and help students towards their training goals. In most NLP Trainer Training s that we are aware of, this does not happen. To be an NLP Trainer it is vitally important that you know your content.You will be given very clear instructions as to what to prepare before the training.

Our aim during the course is to give you every opportunity of becoming a most excellent trainer of NLP.

Follow our instructions on this NLP training and your path to the title of Certified Trainer of NLP will be a rewarding one.

Why do we hold the International
NLP TT in Thailand?

We hold this event in Thailand because it is an exceptional venue and this training should be a life experience. By placing it in, what is in our opinion, one of the
best hotels in the world, we contribute to your experience.There are several reasons why we hold this course in Thailand.

  1. By placing the training in Thailand we reduce the costs of the course. Firstly, no VAT is payable, since the service is provided outside the UK.
  2. The costs of accommodation in Thailand, even in a 5 star hotel, offer a huge saving for our delegates and, since the course is 24 days long, this is significant.
  3. The conference facilities in the Hyatt Regency in Hua Hin vastly exceed what you can obtain in the UK AND are a fraction of the price for an improved product. Once again saving our students money and giving them a better environment to learn.
  4. Travel to Thailand is relatively inexpensive and cost of living in Thailand is cheap.
  5. Lastly, we love the culture and energy of Thailand. We know it well and Hua Hin is a gem, 3 hours south of Bangkok, on the coast.

NLP Trainer Training is more than just a course (like most of our NLP Courses!). It is the ultimate in personal development as well as teaching the students all the skills of presenting to both to the conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously. It is a tough course lasting 24 days and to make it a lifetime experience it is essential it is located in a special place.

Incidentally, please note that Hua Hin is a very peaceful place and well away from the complexities and politics of Bangkok.

To view the website of
the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin click the logo below

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What to Expect.

nlp trainers training

Remember, this NLP Trainers Training is significantly different from many others available in content, location, standards and experience.

Firstly you can expect to do your training in a truly superb 5 star environment. Not only do is the training room beautiful but the whole of the hotel, bedrooms, gardens and restaurants are stunning too giving you the perfect place for the most important course of your life.

Secondly, unlike many similar type courses, we ensure our students grasp concepts before we move on. We do not subscribe to the “explain, demonstrate and hope the students ‘get it’ in one exercise!” After an exercise our coaches and trainers discuss the standards within the group and, if they are not high enough, we do some more teaching and the students have another go! We want our students to be confident at using all the skills that they have learned.

Thirdly, you can expect the trainers to take more than a ‘training’ interest in your progress. Our trainers ensure they coach a group in all exercises to make sure they understand how the student’s are progressing. We do not ‘offload’ coaching on all exercises to other trainers who are attending simply to coach. Most noteworthy, you will find that our coaches are all experienced NLP trainers in their own right and have plenty of experience in running NLP courses of their own.

Not forgetting….

Fourthly, you can expect additional content on this particular NLP Trainers Training to that laid down int he standards of the ABNLP. This training goes above and beyond to teach the students the real practical skills of becoming an awesome presenter.

Fifthly, we have always said that our standards are high, and they are. However, we guide you through the preparation stage for this training and, if you follow those guidelines then you will achieve more and understand more and know more than you thought possible. Our preparation guidelines were modelled from our best students. If you have prepared well, then you can have total focus on the training and hence will achieve all of those high standards. Incidentally, to prove this point, we have a very comprehensive examination

on the first day of evaluation. This is our own exam and not a standard practitioner and master practitioner pre course test put together – our exam is a LOT more comprehensive than that AND our average passmark attained by our students over the last 8 years is 94%! We must be doing something right!.

In conclusion, expect to be joined by a group of students who want to be the best that they could possibly be. These students are not just there to pick up a certificate. Our students come to this NLP Trainer training because they want the best!

For a detailed brochure on the course contents click here.

Your NLP Course Trainers – Bruce Farrow.

 NLP Trainers - Bruce Farrow

Your trainer for this event will be Bruce Farrow (Certified NLP Master Trainer –  ABNLP). Bruce Farrow has personally trained over 170 Certified NLP Practitioner courses, 70 Master Practitioner courses and 9 NLP Trainers Trainings. More details  can be found on our NLP Trainers  page.

You will not find a trainer with more passion for the topic of NLP. Or, indeed, commitment to raising the standards of NLP Training. This NLP Trainers training is fun and fast moving, exciting and exacting, rewarding and fulfilling and you will leave the event knowing that you have become part of the creme de la creme of NLP Trainers.

NLP Trainer Certification.

abnlp master trainer

Certified Master Trainer of NLP – ABNLP Licence

 This NLP Trainers training is approved by the ABNLP. That means it meets, and exceeds, all its standards for the Certification of a Trainer of NLP.

As a result, once you have passed the training you will be entitled, on payment of the membership fee, to join the ABNLP as a Certified NLP Trainer. This means you will be able to, should you wish, to teach ABNLP NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.

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