Course Content

How to Create Change in Yourself and Others:

  • Understand and change your beliefs to empower yourself
  • How to take control of the links between your mind and your body
  • How to set well formed goals and outcomes that you will achieve
  • Enable others to set goals in their personal and business life that will give them success
  • Understand how to rid yourself of any emotional baggage to enable you to go forward in your life with no hindrance

How to Create Deep Rapport:

To be an effective communicator you need to build rapport easily. The lesson is simple -no rapport-no effective communication. So in this section you will learn

  • The Indicators of Rapport using sensory acuity
  • How to match and mirror physiology for instant rapport
  • Pacing & Leading
  • How to create rapport with a group
  • How to build rapport using auditory skills – so important when using the telephone
  • How to create rapport using language

Master language & communication:

  • Understand how to use language so effectively that you will be able to communicate both consciously and unconsciously. Remember all learning, behaviour and change happens at the unconscious level.
  • Learn advanced questioning skills to really understand the other person’s viewpoint and thus enable change to occur
  • How to disagree elegantly and still maintain rapport and control
  • Learn how to uncover hidden agendas
  • Discover how to deliver your point of view effectively and without resistance
  • Elicit the state of curiosity with your listeners so that what you are saying becomes really interesting.
  • Understand how to use metaphors to cement your point and to install your message unconsciously.
  • Understand the Hierarchy of Ideas-the concept of how people use different levels of language from big picture to detail. Learn how to adapt your language to others to communicate really effectively.
  • Learn the delights of Milton Model language and its delicious vagueness. Incredibly useful not only in hypnosis but in presentations too!
  • Understand the use of Meta Model specifics. Here you will learn how to recover lost information in someone’s speech with simple questioning.
  • How to use all these language skills to influence and negotiate

Enhancing Your Sensory Acuity:

  • Understanding how to develop your sensory acuity so you really know what’s going on with the other person
  • Learn to recognise and notice all the tell tale signs that people show and how they indicate state changes

Understanding Internal Representations:

  • How the world is represented inside our minds
    Understanding Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems
  • Learn how to use and match language predicates to take communication to a new level
  • How other people represent the world and how to really communicate with them effectively and persuasively
  • How to increase utilisation of your brain
  • Understanding beliefs and how to change limiting beliefs really easily
  • How to change your internal representations using sub modalities and thus change how you feel about particular things
  • Learn how to use Swish Patterns to change habits or behaviours that happen in a particular context
  • Understand eye patterns and eye accessing cues to understand how a person thinks
  • Learn how to help someone rid themselves of a Phobia really quickly

Understanding strategies and the impact it has on human behaviour:

  • Understand how these strategies impact learning
  • Discover a persons buying and decision making strategy (vital in sales)
  • Learn how to elicit a person’s convincer and reassurance strategy and how then to utilise it to convince and reassure them
  • Find out how we use strategies and how we can change the less than perfect ones
  • Understand relationship strategies
  • Learn how to elicit, change and install strategies

Discovering the Power of Association with a Specific Stimulus – Anchoring:

In this section you will learn how to control your own state at all times-vital if you wish to be in control of your behaviour

  • Learn the keys to anchoring someone effectively so that they can recall that state at any time
  • How to chain anchors to create change from a ‘stuck’ state like procrastination and drive it into motivation
  • How to build personal resource anchors so you can change your state when you wish.
  • How to use anchors in relationships and understand how we are subject to good and bad anchors all the time
  • How to collapse anchors to rid ourselves of bad feelings

How to Resolve Internal Conflict:

  • Learn easily the art of parts integration to eliminate internal conflict. An internal conflict is where some of the time we believe something about ourselves and some of the time we believe the opposite.
  • By ridding yourself of any internal conflict you will have so much more energy to expend on things that you want in life
  • Create total alignment in your life


  • Learn a variety of reframes that will allow you to change, to soften and shake up an objection or statement
  • Understand the use of reframes when dealing with a phobia
  • Discover the NLP Negotiation Model

Presentation Skills

This section is for people from all walks of life. Presentation skills are required from interview situations and coaching through to giving seminars.

  • Learn how to present effectively whether it’s on a one to one basis or to an audience of 2000
  • Learn how to be in control of your state at all times
  • Learn how to install your message unconsciously
  • Learn the 4 mat system-a way of structuring what you want to say in a way which conforms to how the listener’s minds operate
  • Learn how to install states in your audience

Time Line Therapy™

Tad James created Time Line Therapy™ so, whilst you are on your NLP course, you will receive the added bonus understanding the powerful tool of Time Line Therapy™ with a trainer who gained their NLP Trainers certification from the great man himself.

  • Time Line Therapy will allow you to take control of your life
  • How to wash away those internal blocks that prevent you fulfilling your potential
  • Eliminate negative emotions, self limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Understand where you are going and to control your future
  • Understand how you internally create your future and thus be able to affect it.
  • Learn how to visualise your future clearly and thus make it more achievable and compelling


  • During your Intensive NLP Practitioners Course you will be introduced to  from someone who learned with the best. Training in Ericksonian indirect permissive Hypnosis, so that you can increase your results with the largest number of clients is included since it allows you to increase your results dramatically.

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