bruce farrow talks on nlp in personal developmentWhat do you do about your own personal development. Are you the sort of person who just drifts along and deals with stuff as it happens? Perhaps the type of person who complains about your lot in life and how everything that happens to you is so unfair? Maybe you are the type of person who says to themselves “there must be more to life than this, but doesn’t do anything about it. How about the person who thinks, I could be better than how I am, so I will buy lots of personal development books which get read and put on the shelf, and nothing really changes. Or are you the person who recognises that if you want a better life then YOU have to take responsibility and do something different and learn how to use your mind more effectively?

It is the last group of people who recognise that learning NLP is the technology of change that they have been seeking. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people reading books on personal development but you are unlikely to make profound changes by reading a book because it is all too conscious and your behaviour, as we know, is run by your unconscious mind.

One of the things that I have always felt vital in learning NLP is to apply it to self before you even think about utilising it with others. If you don’t do that then you are going to become the most incongruent person around because you will not be walking the talk.

The use of NLP in personal development is massive! NLP is not a bunch of techniques which is contrary to what you might believe if you got involved in some NLP forums! The question “my client does xyz, what technique should I use?” This is always the sign of someone who hasn’t really got a handle on NLP! NLP is about having an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to experiment, to get to understand the processes someone uses and then to make whatever changes that are necessary.

At the start of every NLP Practitioner course that I run, I always say, “treat the next 7 days as 7 days of time to work on yourself. 7 days to fix whatever is holding you back and, I promise you, that along the way you will learn NLP REALLY well.”

The thing is, as you learn NLP, you start to install the mind-set that is NLP – the mind-set that allows you to start taking responsibility or ownership for everything in your life and consequently begin to make changes to how you operate with the associated results. Along the way you learn processes that you use to help you make those fast changes (permanent ones) and consequently the personal development starts.

Why is NLP so good in personal development? NLP and Time Line Therapy work with the unconscious mind of the person – the super computer that runs the behaviour of that individual and consequently any change you make there has instant and long lasting effects. The old way of ‘affirmations’ and positive thinking are a very conscious thing and might have some effect over a continuous long period of time but certainly will not allow permanent and fast changes.

When people are serious about personal development they acknowledge that it is THEIR own responsibility. It’s amazing how many people think that personal development is the responsibility of the company they work for. I have heard many people say “well, if the company won’t pay for the course, then I won’t do it!” The reality of this situation is that they are not taking responsibility for their own personal development. After all, if they are not willing to invest in their own development, why on earth should the company?

Yes, we know that we have the most powerful personal development tools on the planet. I have been in the NLP world too long to believe anything else. I have seen countless people change their lives totally when they have learned NLP and applied it to themselves. I have hundreds of examples of people who all of a sudden start achieving goals that they never thought possible and many more examples of people who have left their unhappy lives behind following their week of personal development and embarked on the adventure that is, their new life.

So, if we know that NLP is THE technology of change and personal development is about change then why doesn’t everyone learn NLP?

Ultimately it is about the investment of time and money in self. How many people who do no personal development think that they are not worthy of the self-investment of an NLP course? However those people will more than likely spend 3 or four times the amount on a holiday which makes them feel good for a couple of weeks and then, it’s back to the grindstone! An NLP course sets you off on a lifetime of adventure with a set of tools that will assist you to consistently develop yourself and your life leading to a more fulfilling future.

The question is – do you want that and, if you do, do you want it badly enough to invest in yourself? Ultimately, one thing is for sure, if you don’t do anything about your personal development then you won’t develop yourself and nothing will really change in your life.

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