An NLP Course in Sales & Marketing for NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioners

Venue: London    Dates :  5th-6th March, 2016

Following our very successful  previous ‘Making Sales Easy with NLP’ courses  we are delighted to announce a new date for all of those people who could not get on the previously.

We have proved time and time again that by using NLP in sales you can increase performance and revenue AND  customer satisfaction.

As you are probably aware both the previous courses sold out very quickly indeed, showing us that there is a big need for this course amongst our students.

We always have a  fabulous two days and the students learn a lot about sales and marketing AND  make immediate progress in their business’.

One student took £8000 of income the day after the course!!

Here is what a few of them said……

nlp in sales“Just wanted to send (yet another) thank you for a fantastic course – I loved it! An amazing transition from terrified, to apprehensive, to relaxed, then to excited and motivated!! “

Spent the last 2 days with a great group of people…………never knew sales could be so much fun!!!!!

Back from a NLP in sales course with a difference… One that actually gets results… on the phone… right there and then! Thanks Bruce and Kim… love you guys 🙂

“Brilliant weekend, learn alot and have written up a ton of notes. Really feel I have grasped what you imparted and am practising on people already.”

“Just to say thank you for the NLP in sales course – for enabling me to know that I can do this, and also for making it perfectly OK to ask questions, the anwers to which are so obvious to many others. Moving from one role and way of earning a living to another is huge shift for me and I am very appreciative of every little thing that makes me know it’s possible.

“Just booked a client for a Breakthrough, 2nd and 3rd of August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and got an appointment with the Top personal trainer in Devon for next Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can do it!!!!

Just to let you know the appointment that I made on the NLP in Sales Course went well yesterday and I have a weight loss client booked for 6 sessions followed by ongoing coaching!!!!!

So Why Would this Course Be Useful?

  • Do you struggle with selling yourself or products?
  •  Are you a Coach who is not getting enough business?
  •  Are you a Trainer who is not getting enough delegates?
  • Are you a Therapist who is not getting enough clients?
  • Do you want to increase your income by learning how to sell?
  •  Have you not set up your own business because of a fear of selling?

The biggest problem people have when operating a small business is their aversion to sales. Some people think it is a dirty word and some think that sales means pushy. Some think that people will buy from them without sales and some people don’t want to ‘dirty’ their hands with selling!

Well, allow me to put all the above into context.

Unless you LOVE selling (and you can) then you will not achieve your potential in business.

Unless you are confident with selling then your business cannot grow.

Unless you become elegant and selling then you may well go out of business.

Selling is the life blood of your business – whether you are coaching on the side, or a full time therapist or a trainer, you will struggle unless you are really comfortable with selling yourself and your products.

NLP in Sales brochureSo What Will You Learnon this NLP Course?

During these two days you can

  • Learn how to be elegant with sales and have fun with it
  • Learn how to apply the process of selling to your everyday work
  • Learn how to turn an enquiry into a sale
  • Learn how to ‘tune’ yourself mentally in order to sell.
  • Learn how to make selling easy and second nature.
  • Learn how to apply your NLP knowledge to make selling even easier.
  • Understand how much a sales enquiry costs you and how to maximise it!
  • Learn about how to market your business.
  • Learn how to make your marketing dollars work better!

I have been in sales in one way or another all my life and, here are two days where I will pass onto you my knowledge of sales & marketing and NLP combined.

To be honest, if you are in business, or want to be in business, and wish to improve your revenue then this course is a no brainer!

Who can attend?

That’s simple! NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners or NLP Trainers

The Investment

The investment for these invaluable two days is £500 including VAT OR if you book the “How to Start & Run your Own Succesful NLP Business” course and the “Making Sales Easy with NLP” course as a package you can purchase both courses for £900 including VAT.

The return on that investment could potentially be enormous! The thing is, can you afford NOT to do it!?


The venue will be in London.

SO, what would happen if you attended?

Well, first ask yourself the question, how many incremental sales will it take for you to get your money back on this course? One more client? Half a client?

This NLP training delivers exceptional value for money and a potentially massive return on investment.

How much extra revenue would you generate if you increased your sales by 20%, 30%, 40%, 100%, 1000%?

Now does that appeal?!

How to Book

This course will be strictly limited to 18 people so it is very much a first come, first served course.

From the amount of requests I have had to run further sales courses I have no doubt it will sell out straightaway.

So if you want to be one of the fortunate few who will learn the tools to increase their revenue in 2 days easily and effortlessly call now to book


01753 868156


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