nlp in therapyEveryone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available. (Behaviour is geared for adaptation, and present behaviour is the best choice available).

People have all the Resources they need to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes. (There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states.

Every behaviour is motivated by a positive intent.

You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results.

The above are four of the presuppositions of NLP and, when you think about it, once we have accepted those assumptions, change is easy. It is all to easy to blame our environment for the way we behave and sometimes it does influence us. However, we are ultimately in charge of our behaviour although sometimes, we need help in sorting out the wood for the trees.

Often we are given ‘labels’ by others which is not helpful. We are very aware in NLP of the damage that can be done by labelling people and consequently we focus on behaviour and show people ways that they can change.

NLP in therapy: within our therapy we use a wide range of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to help you to make the changes you want to make.

Our therapy is tailored specifically to your needs and our consultants work with you to identify the most appropriate course of treatment and the timescales required.

Our therapists are also trained in Time Line TherapyTM. As an application of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM is a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life. Inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear, are responsible for preventing people from achieving the quality of life they desire. Limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “I don’t deserve a great marriage,” create false limitations and hamper your ability to create reachable and attainable goals and outcomes. Created by Dr. Tad James, Time Line TherapyTM techniques enable you to eliminate many types of issues in your past, thus allowing you to move forward toward your goals and desires. One of the huge benefits of Time Line TherapyTM is that much of it is content free. In other words you don’t have to tell the therapist details about your past which may be uncomfortable for you.

We pride ourselves on our success and will take time to talk to you before you undertake treatment with us – this is done to ensure you are committed to succeed and that we can offer appropriate treatment for you. We may require your doctor to be aware of your treatment with us for certain conditions.

There are far too many behaviours or conditions to list on this website so we have listed out a few common ones for your perusal. However, if you have a particular issue you would like to work on then please contact us and we will be delighted to advise how we can help you change.
Remember, we don’t change you……you change yourself…..we just show you how!

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NLP in Therapy: Self confidence and self esteem

Low self esteem can be the root cause of all types of problems. From eating disorders through to relationship issues. In fact we see more people with low self esteem than with anything else. Low self esteem is something we learn how to do and, if we can learn how to do it, we can just as easily unlearn it.

How do you know when to be confident and when not to be?

We may all, at times, experience a slight loss of confidence; perhaps if we have received a poor result in an exam or feedback from a boss that we hadn’t expected or missed a putt on the golf course or failed to score from a penalty.

Some people may be shy, others may get anxious. We all behave in the ways we do for a reason.

However, some reasons may not be very helpful and lead to low self esteem and low self confidence and these states are not helpful; they can lead to depression and ill health. We work with you to identify new ways of thinking and feeling, to provide you with new options that enable you to look at the world differently – confidently, and assured in your own ability to do the things you want to do and be the person you know you can be.

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NLP in Therapy: Habit management

Do you have bad habits?
When you think of having a habit, you may think of something that is negative; you may have heard someone say “that’s a bad habit”. Negative “bad” habits are those learned responses that are maladaptive, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating and drug abuse. They are described as maladaptive because they have a detrimental effect on the individual and in many cases on their families. Of course, what makes habits difficult to break is the illusion that they provide something positive, such as relaxation, comfort, control or escape for the person. The bad news is that the damage that is being caused through such habits can shorten lives, cause ill health in others, be very expensive to maintain and can destroy relationships. The good news is that because these habits are learned responses to a stimulus they can be changed. These changes take place at the unconscious level through process which includes reframing and hypnotherapy. We will work with you to install new thinking and establish desirable responses that will become the new positive behaviour – and the bad habit, which is unwanted is then replaced.

Habitual behaviours you might want to change, include:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Overeating
  • Drug abuse
  • Compulsive gambling
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
  • Nail biting
  • Teeth grinding

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Fear ,Trauma ,Panic Management & Phobias

Phobias and fears can have such an intense impact that people literally have to change their lives to “manage” their behaviour. Not only does the emotional distress affect them personally, it also affects their families and relationships.

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