So you’ve heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming but are unsure as to how it applies in a business environment?

OK! Here we go!

“NLP is about communication and how to use the language of the mind effectively.”

Psychobabble I hear you say! Well, I appreciate your view and know that if you had all the information you may decide to change it!
Anyway, try this instead

“NLP is about doing things that work well and being flexible enough to use alternative approaches to achieve your specific goals”

Still no good? OK, last try!

“NLP is an instruction manual for the mind and enables you to communicate really effectively”

Still Not Clear?

nlp in business

You would agree that business is all about communication. Everyday we communicate with staff, clients, suppliers, associates, colleagues. We may communicate to the general public in the form of advertising or promotion. Ultimately, communication is where it’s at.Now here’s a concept to get your head round. If you think communication is solely about language then if I asked you to think of an image of an iceberg, it is likely your would come up with something like the picture on the right.

nlp in business 2In NLP you will learn that REAL communication is a lot more than just the language that we speak. There is much below the surface and hence if we now equate the iceberg to communication then the person with NLP skills will see the image such as the one on the left.The same idea can be applied to human behaviour. The only part of anyone we see is their behaviour. We do not see the conditioning, the emotions, the feelings and the attitude that lie below the surface. The behaviour of a human is the result of these underlying factors and it is this part we see. Thus one of the presuppositions of NLP is that “the behaviour is NOT the person. Accept the person and change the behaviour”. But to do this you need a deep understanding of how the mind works. In essence you need an instruction manual and this is what NLP can do for you. It provides you with an instruction manual for the mind and thus makes it easy for you to communicate effectively and thus influence change in yourself and others. It allows you to really tune into others and thus build strong relationships fast and easily in addition to making your goals and outcomes much more achievable.

I would like you to answer these four questions in your mind………OK?……….thank you

1. “What would you gain if you could REALLY communicate?”
2. “What wouldn’t you gain if you could REALLY communicate?”
3. “What would you gain if you could not REALLY communicate?”
4. “What wouldn’t you gain if you could not REALLY communicate?”

I’ll give you a tip. Your solution lies in the answer to question number 4!

So let’s see what it can do for you in the specific environment of business.

A Knowledge of NLP can have the following effects on your business persona…..

  • Build improved relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Deliver more effective presentations
  • Influence and persuade people
  • Plan and achieve business objectives with well formed outcomes
  • Be more effective in meetings, particularly where it necessary to manage and resolve conflict
  • Use motivating and influencing language
  • Effectively manage your emotions – choose how you feel at any time.
  • Understand other peoples ‘model of the world’ and thus be more effective when it comes to negotiation.
  • Become better at managing, advising and appraising staff
  • Increase flexibility and openness to change
  • Maximise people’s potential by understanding what motivates them
  • Be more creative in their thinking and better able to solve problems and meet new challenges
  • Remove self limiting beliefs
  • Embrace a new empowering way of thinking – the NLP way
  • Understand the NLP communication model and how to make your communications effective at all levels
  • Read external signs of thinking patterns
  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Become more assertive
  • How to build rapport using physiology, voice and language
  • Understand conscious versus unconscious thinking, language and behaviour
  • Recognise what motivates and de-motivates people
  • Become an outstanding communicator
  • Deal with challenge and conflict in the workplace

How do I learn NLP in Business Applications?

There are two ways you can do this.

The most effective way is to enrol in our  which is a massive personal development course AND shows you how to use NLP in Business. This, in our opinion, is the best and most cost effective route.

Alternatively we have a team of Certified NLP Trainers who can come and deliver in house courses for your company specifically designed for your business. After consulting with you we would then design a bespoke program for you for training and/or coaching for your staff.

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