Please note that Helford NLP Ltd no longer supplies this training, however, on our schedule page you will find our recommendations of NLP Training companies who do supply this course AND train it to a very high standard.

Do you need an extra boost to your business skills?

Do you want the edge on your competition?

Do you need something extra to take you to the next level?

Do you want to truly understand communication so that you can become a better communicator?

Do you want to learn some ‘real’ presentations skills so that you can impart your message more effectively?

Would you be interested in any, or all, of the following?

How to . . .

  • Build improved relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Deliver more effective presentations.
  • Influence and persuade people.
  • Be more effective in meetings, particularly where it is necessary to manage and resolve conflict.
  • Use motivating and influencing language.
  • Understand other peoples ‘model of the world’ and thus be more effective when it comes to negotiation.
  • Become better at managing, advising and appraising staff.
  • Maximise people’s potential by understanding what motivates them.
  • Make your communications effective at all levels.
  • Give and receive effective feedback.
  • Build rapport using physiology, voice and language.
  • Recognise what motivates and de-motivates people.
  • Become an outstanding communicator.


The NLP Business Diploma course is aimed at people in business who want to improve their business skills by gaining a better understanding of how people think and communicate.


NLP Business Diploma Course Content

  • Bruce Farrow - NLP in Business Diploma Trainer windsorThemes of NLP and how they relate to business.
  • Rapport. Since rapport is the basis of communication, you will learn how to build deep rapport at the unconscious level, even with people you don’t like!
  • Primary Representational Systems. Learn how people structure their inner world and how it is represented in speech, and how to use it to build rapport and hence communicate better.
  • Linguistics. Understand some basic ‘giveaways’ that people use in their language and how you can use it to understand their world better and hence, communicate better.
  • Linguistic frames to help with those meetings!
  • Meta model language patterns for clarifying imprecise information in a communication.
  • Hierarchy of Ideas. Learn how people use different levels of abstraction and detail in their language and how you can use it to improve your communications throughout your company.
  • NLP Presentation Skills – learn thow to structure your message for the most impact and the do’s and don’ts of delivering it! This applies to presentations, brochures, websites etc.
  • Perceptual positions – for conflict resolution.
  • Values and how they are misunderstood in business. Understand them and how to use them in business and sales
  • Understanding certain meta programs (filters of your unconscious) and how to utilise them to understand your work colleagues.
  • Decision Making Stategies. Learn how people structure their decisions and how to utilise it to assist influencing.

So what if you spent 2 days of your life getting your NLP Business Diploma

After completing this course you will have the tools to allow your communication abilities to go up several gears and as we know communication, or should I say, effective communication is of paramount importance for success in business. When you next do a presentation you will have a clear understanding on how people listen, how they process information and how to structure your presentation for results.

You will have a better understanding of the people around you and, consequently, be able to motivate them, and yourself, more effectively.

Two days that perhaps will change your business life. Are you worth that?


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