NLP coaching -NLP Master Coach trainer - Bruce FarrowThe first thing to realise is that all your behaviours are run by your unconscious mind.

This is the super computer that stores all your memories (not just the ones that you can remember consciously), it runs your body and rebuilds the cells and adjusts all the hormones and chemical levels within it, operates your heart and your breathing – it is an amazing piece of kit!

Your conscious mind is your analytical conscious mind and, without being too irreverent, it is like an old lap top in comparison to your super computer!
So your behaviours are run by your unconscious mind and are the result of a bunch of filters that distort and delete and generalise your day to day experiences in relation to what has come before.

People come to coaching because, generally, they are stuck in life. Things are not going as well as they could be and the reason for this is that their behaviours have essentially maxed out their performance. They cannot perform any better with that way of thinking. It’s a bit like a car that hasn’t been serviced for a while and has been drinking a load of dodgy fuel. It just doesn’t run well and no matter how much you press the gas pedal, it will not go any faster!

In conventional coaching the coach essentially deals with the CONSCIOUS mind of the individual who is being coached. Much talking is involved and the coach tries to assist them going forward using fancy ‘models’ that are aimed at the conscious mind of the individual. Now here is the problem!

Imagine a friend coming to you and saying their problem is that they take too much cocaine. Do they consciously know the answer to their problem? Of course they do – “stop taking cocaine!” Simple – right?

Not simple at all because, although they know the solution to their problem consciously, their unconscious mind is continuing to run the old behaviour and to ‘try’ and change a behaviour consciously is VERY hard indeed.

So the conventional coaching client has come to be coached because they are stuck and, they are stuck because of ‘stuff’ that has happened in their lives that has caused a shift in thinking resulting in the present behaviour.

To try and consciously ‘talk’ them out of their current behaviour that has resulted in them being stuck is super difficult and, even if they make a little progress, it is like trying to push a rock up a hill and we all know what happens when you stop pushing – the rock rolls back to the bottom!

NLP coaching is different.

NLP Coaching

So why NLP coaching? Well an NLP coach will use both NLP and Time Line Therapy with the client to essentially ‘clean up’ all the old baggage. (This is all done content free so the client does not have to go through their sordid past with the coach!) NLP and Time Line Therapy works with the unconscious mind – the driver of behaviour- and by cleaning up the baggage the NLP coach can ‘unstick’ the client easily.

No longer are we trying to push that rock up the hill because the client’s thinking changes. All those old limitations in their mind have been removed and replaced with empowering beliefs about themselves and their abilities and once that happens, the client can progress forwards easily.

Great coaching is not rocket science if you have knowledge of NLP and Time Line Therapy. Great Coaching is VERY hard to achieve without it!

We always say that NLP and Time Line Therapy ARE the technology for coaching.

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