We have listed some of the NLP Course reviews that we have received over the years. The following are just a few extracts from previous NLP Practitioners feedback forms. We have many, many, many more similar quotes that can be verified should you wish to do so.

Please note the comments refer to Bruce Farrow & his talented co-trainers over the years.

What would it be like to be able to write similar things on your feedback form and how different would your life be after that?

NLP Course Reviews

“It was a privilege, an extremely rewarding experience and also great fun being trained by you”

“You’ve transformed my life, and that of my family”

“Having sampled other NLP vendors, I can say Helford was the most professional and congruent. “

“Thank you so much. What NLP has done for me is quite immeasurable”

“You were really able to put over NLP etc in a very good and caring way.”

“I’ve been in the coaching game for some time and met some players, you are the only person I would have train me and trust,”

“I really enjoyed my course it changed my life teaching and supporting students as well as people nearest to me!”

“You have been an integral part of my journey and yes NLP has given me the ability to enjoy my life and to know how to do this. “

I can honestly say that the course I attended changed the way I look at life. So I can honestly say you have had a positive influence on my life as it is now and also in the future. “

“The courses i did with you helped me and my family immeasurably. You took me from a very dark place and helped me achieve many goals. I can only pass on my thanks which are many and heartfelt.”

“It isn’t too strong to say that the teachings and learnings of NLP, mentored by yourself and the American shooters I know (who introduced me to NLP in the first place), has changed my life beyond recognition. Even my own dear Mother observed a congruent change in me. So thank you for help/assistance on my journey”

“I would like to say a big thank you to you because it has been so useful to me over the years”

“I am have been privileged to be one of your students and now that the we are down literally to days until the Trainers Training the excitement is starting to increase. You have changed many a person’s life with your knowledge”

“I want to take time to personally thank you for the NLP Journey I encountered, you certainly made it live in an energetic and memory lasting manner. It helped me develop a number of key skills and abilities which have helped support my business”

“I was fortunate enough to attend a course and meet you. I became so inspired by the course and your input. I stepped out of my comfort zone and have gone on to do and achieve things that I hadn’t believed I could. I attribute this, and sing the praises of, the NLP practitioners course.”

“As for your training, well, your dedication to detail and your determination to delivering the best training really did show up in the training room (and in my 37 years in HR I can tell you I have been in many training rooms). Your work ethic is strong and although you were not ‘Mr. Popular’ with everyone, I feel part of a small community of NLP’ers who certainly did train with the best. Even now, I occasionally revisit your videos and continue to learn. The TT experience in Hua Hin was probably one of the most enjoyable and challenging I have ever experienced.”

“The NLP Practioner course has had a profound impact on my life in many ways. Whilst cynical about some elements I truly learned a whole lot about me as a person and how I can process and deal with situations in the future, that would have had a negative impact in the past. You removed ‘skip loads’ of rubbish that have no doubt held me back for some years. “

“You dedicated yourself to NLP offering courses to the highest level making them both fun and affordable and it felt like it had the personal touch for each and every one of us.”

“At this point I would like to say that you are the best NLP trainer UK has had and will always be proud that I got trained under you.”

“I have always admired your work and your professionalism has been remarkable”

“So glad I got to train with you Bruce”

“Thanks for the knowledge and giving me the courage to “believe anything is possible” because it is.” Hope our paths will cross again”

“Thank you for all your support over the past couple of years. You have certainly helped me to realign my values and priorities.”

“Thank you for the outstanding training you provided.”

“Thank you for being a part of my journey of growth and introducing me to NLP.”

“On a personal note, I always enjoyed your training and I honestly felt it was much more useful than my MBA.”

“Personally, I can’t really find adequate words to thank you for the amazing difference you’ve made in my life, and in my work as a leader. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude as a mentor and guide but mostly as a friend”

“You are the only person in a long time who has made any sense! “

“I think you were/are a wonderful trainer and teacher and I learnt a lot and had a blast along the way.”

“It was a pleasure having you and Kim as my instructors and I certainly loved my NLP training. I haven’t used it as a profession but its certainly made a massive impression in my normal working life and personal life”

“Thank you for being you Bruce and for showing me that it’s more than ok to be me. “

“I admire you for what you have done, and have enjoyed the time I have spent with you and your company (especially when it involved a pub!), and, am forever thankful for the coarse that you started me on.”

“A HUGE thank you for making a massive positive difference to my life (& my sisters).

Brilliant investment in time and money – mind expansion in a box!” KN

“Of all the courses I have taken during the past 20 years, this is by far the best.” SH

“It led me to a realisation, belief and acceptance that I can be or do whatever I want and have the ability to change what I dont want to be or do!” PJ

“I have not had so much (liberating) fun since I can remember! While having a good time, we mysteriously made some fundamental changes….all of us…under the excellent guidance of two very gifted trainers” DK

NLP Course Reviews

“The course is unbelievably inspiring” VG

“This really has been the most incredible NLP course. I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I can take on the world!” EW

“Knowing what I know now, I would happily have paid 10 times the amount I paid for the NLP course! Brilliant course, fantastic charismatic trainers and amazing results! Do it now!” GW

“Fantastic – the best developmental and motivational course I have ever attended. I will recommend this NLP course to anyone”

“The course overall was brilliant – great group dynamics – I am so glad I did this”

“Fantastic life changing course. Has increased my choices and given me the confidence to move forwards. The course was delivered in a friendly but very professional manner – will be recommending this to everyone!”

NLP Course Reviews

“For me this NLP course was SO valuable in every area of my life- Personal, work and everyday life. To be honest there was nothing that could have been done any better. Thank you Bruce & Natasha!”

“I found the course excellent, far exceeding my expectations. Not only have I benefited from the NLP course for career reasons, I have developed many life-skills that will be invaluable now”

“I was extremely impressed by your dedication and commitment to each member of the course and your perceptions allowed the group to work together effectively. A life changing experience and the best thing I have ever done”

“The NLP course has been fantastic, a life changing experience. I feel so motivated and excited to begin my journey as an NLP Practitioner. Bruce was a fantastic teacher and  total inspiration”

NLP Course Reviews

“Very good, very surprising, very enlightening and very enjoyable”

“For an outdoor person to be entranced for 7 days, I can only congratulate you. Your motivation and enthusiasm are infectious. Thank you”

“I am walking away motivated to try my new skills & realise my ambitions as quickly as possible; I could hardly ask for more. You surpassed my expectations!”

“Great value NLP course and really, really opened my eyes to the world. Cant get enough of it”

“Loved the NLP course. I have waited 40 years for this and it has already changed my life and I look forward to a bright, busy and successful future. Thank you and well done Bruce”

“Excellent expansion of knowledge”

“This really opened my eyes to NLP. I can now do all the techniques with confidence. Great practical focus. We all surprised ourselves!”

“Great attention to detail and ensured all delegates understood the materials thoroughly”

NLP Course Reviews

“Brought all the pre course study material together really well and each part was explained in detail. 10 out of 10!”

“Bruce & Kim made theory easy to practically apply, explained professionally and showed how to use NLP in many situations. Also exceptionally beneficial personally, absolutely excellent and way more than I expected”

“Concise professional presentation of course materials, providing relevance to my particular ambitions and field of expertise”

“Met all my values, professionalism and time keeping and delivered a course at the speed of ALL clients. Very excellent!!!”

“Made you feel comfortable, no pressure and the feeling of going at your own pace. For me it was just right”

NLP Course Reviews

“Did not let down in the slightest. Everything promised was delivered and everything was made easy, logical and comfortable”

“Very good indeed. I would confess it exceeded my expectations! Thank you!

“Excellent ! I believe more in just about everything and I now KNOW how to positively influence others, which is great!”

“Time flew by, or did I fly by time!”

“Excellent. As the training days progressed “the light went on” and I began to realise that this subject really works. Words cannot describe how excited I feel about adapting this training into our training system”

“Absolutely superb – hard work that wasn’t without tremendous benefits.”

“I feel the NLP course provided an excellent balance of theory and practical sessions. You gave some excellent examples of real applications and have provided me with an excellent tool box for the future. Thank you”

“I found it really stretched me mentally and I feel like I have some great skills and encouragement to go forth and set up my own business”

“A challenging experience that answered a lot of questions and gave me the experiences to make more of my own performance. A great self awareness experience that I will use in the future. Thank you”

“Really enjoyed the NLP course, fantastic learnings. The practical and classroom work was a fantastic mix!”

NLP Course Reviews

“The course was really interesting and I learned many new things and discovered things I didn’t know I knew. I have made good changes and goals for the future. Thank you”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. It was interesting, fascinating and surprising. The principles were easy and it was a lot of fun trying them out. I laughed a lot!”

“Enjoyed ALL aspects of the NLP course. Good sized group and good mix of people”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience”

“Really good at building confidence to go out and practice”

“Fantastic! Enjoyed every bit. It has really given me a great springboard to go on and achieve great things. Thank you”

“Thank you very much for a great time.”

“You are a very talented trainer (and I’ve worked with many). I have really enjoyed the course and your company…thank you”

NLP Course Reviews

“I would be happy to recommend this life changing course to others”

“I am actually quite sad the course is finished! Thanks for a great experience”

“Very good, very different, very enlightening and challenging!”

“Made studying great fun”

“An excellent, life changing NLP course. Made studying as easy as it could be”

“Changed my life. Just awesome!”

“Without doubt the best course I have ever been on and I’m genuinely sad it’s got to the end!” An amazing an inspiring week. Thank you”

“The course has been fantastic, a life changing experience. I feel so motivated and excited to begin my journey as an NLP Practitioner. Bruce Farrow was a fantastic teacher and a total inspiration”

“Very good, very different, very enlightening and challenging!”

NLP Course Reviews

“I’m very honest, so you deserve all the 10s ! Excellent!”

“Bruce – you are 100% professional. Good strong approach – perfect”

“I had an AMAZING time – it’s been a self discovery time for me”

“The support was excellent. I was very pleased I chose Helford 2000 – I looked at about 15 different companies and chose you”

“Absolutely excellent investment.”

“Hey I enjoyed every little bit! Did what it said on the tin!”

“Excellent course. Enjoyed it all. Enjoyed meeting like minded people. NLP has opened doors to me I didn’t even know existed”

NLP Course Reviews

“This week has been interesting, exciting. Challenging and enjoyable.  You did everything really well and nothing needed to be changed”

“The whole experience was very close to perfection ! Thank you Bruce & Natasha.”

“I enjoyed the whole experience -it was EXCELLENT”

“Great course – of immense value to me”

“Your total commitment brings the learnings to life and installs confidence in every practitioner – FANTASTIC”

“Exceeded My expectations in every way – absolutely great”

“7 days just flew by and yet felt like weeks worth of practice and training – very good variety – lots of practical examples – kept it all real and relevant”

NLP Course Reviews

“Excellent style – meets my needs fully. Keep doing what you are doing. The course was excellent”

“Very professional – great course.”

“This was the best course I have ever been on – everything was fantastic – thank you”

“I am very clear on what I have learned – I loved it all”

“Expanded my find and helped me go forward”

“Very uplifting and very positive experience”

“One of the, if not THE, most worthwhile weeks I have ever spent”

“Overwhelming – truly mind blowing. Like discovering a whole new world. Bruce was faultless throughout and couldn’t have been more helpful”

“Excellent , I want more ! Nice to know you are there for future support too!”

NLP Course Reviews

“Great balance of listening and doing. Great examples and demonstrations”

“One of the best courses I have ever attended. I wish it was possible to bottle the feelings and enjoyment I have experienced this week and take it home – actually you have shown me how to do that !!!!”

“Across the board communication was excellent, both before and during the NLP course. I was really pleased how accessible Bruce was outside the training room”

“Engaging and thought provoking that managed to motivate and enthuse me throughout”

“Clear view of NLP in an easy to understand and easily applicable format. Very very good”

“Bruce demonstrates such a high level of commitment both before and during the course – excellent model . I learned a massive amount”

“Fantastic – professionally put together and delivery. Attention to detail spot on”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this NLP course – demanding, tiring, challenging but always exhilarating”

“Kim is an excellent trainer – she exudes energy and passion for the subject which motivated and encouraged me – very enjoyable and beneficial – thank you”


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