These NLP videos are taken from our NLP Master Practitioner Courses and feature NLP Board Breaking.

Our Master Practitioners learn NLP Modelling on this NLP training – probably the most effective way of learning and installing an excellent skills set in yourself.  They learn modelling through a board break – people have said that the board break is a defining moment in their lives! They learn the process and then model one of our NLP Trainers breaking a board and then install the process in themselves. Once they have installed the process and thinking in themselves, after a minimum amount of rehearsal, they breaak a board. As you can see from the videos this is rather exciting for them!

They will also do a modelling project since we feel that modelling is the essence of NLP since everything within NLP has come about from modelling people of excellence. A Master Practitioner who does not know how to complete the NLP modelling process is not a Master Practitioner in our opinion!

The videos below are the result of about an hour and half of NLP modelling and feature our students, NLP  Board breaks.

The above video is from the modelling section of our last NLP Master Practitioner Course. Great energy and a lot of excitement! Please note that it may not play on mobile devices – it works fine on desktops!

If you are interested in NLP videos then you might like to visit our NLP YouTube channel where you will find a selection of 50 informative videos about NLP and our trainings and courses plus lots of NLP board breaking. Feel free to have a browse!

Whether you are an absolute beginner at NLP or someone with more experience, there is sure to be something for you. You will also see a video link on the bottom of most pages on this website.

More NLP Board Breaking and All other NLP videos can also be viewed on our NLP channel on YouTube.

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