You Can Have That Mindset Too!
nlp in sport - gemma paternoster

With one of our NLP Master Practitioners (Gemma Paternoster) winning the $35000 Atlanta Show Jumping Grand Prix last weekend it seemed appropriate to talk about the mind-set of a winner.

Gemma is an International show jumper, a member of Team GB and is very focussed on winning an Olympic Gold medal and now has the ‘winning habit’.

In competitive sports the mind-set has to be totally focussed on winning. No-one remembers who comes second or third and winning becomes everything. That must be the focus of the mind. This is where NLP in Sport really helps.

For the ‘normal’ person who does not believe winning is everything, then they might be focussed on something else, such as their business where win-win solutions are favourable. Other peoples focus might be on their relationships.

The thing is, there is a link between someone like Gemma at the top of an International sport and the ‘normal’ person. That link is alignment of your thinking to your goals.

There are people who are successful in sport and people who are not – same deal with normal life. Some people always seem to achieve what they want to achieve and some never achieve what they desire.

Whether you are a top sportsman or just a normal person you must have a goal in order to achieve things in your life. Your goal starts to give you some focus and purpose to your life. It sets out your objective so you know where you are going.

Simply having a goal is not the end of it! Your goal is set by your conscious mind but your behaviour, or actions towards your goal, is run by your unconscious mind and this fact, can cause a problem if the two are not aligned.

Your unconscious mind has several elements that are rather key to you getting your goals. Those are your values (what is important to you), your values level thinking (how you think) and the strategies that you run. All these things need to be aligned to your goal in order to get maximum performance. Without total alignment it can be like riding a bike with an anchor hanging on the back!

One of the reasons Gemma Paternoster is a top sportsperson is because, as an NLP Master Practitioner, she has aligned her values, her values level thinking and her strategies towards her goal of winning competitions. This is not just a one off process – she is constantly tweaking her thinking in every event. In fact a couple of months ago we spent some time on Skype (she lives in Florida) changing some of her strategies that she was running whilst competing. Gemma now knows how her mind works and using the tools that NLP has given her, she can fine tune her mind to consistently win.

YOU could do the same for your goals. By learning NLP you will learn to understand what goes on in your mind and whether it supports what you want to achieve consciously or not, as the case may be. If it is the latter, NLP gives you the tools to change elements of your thinking so you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life.

So, you see, the link between a professional successful sportsperson and the ‘normal’ successful person is the alignment of their thinking to their goal.

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