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Thank you for choosing to download our 86 page NLP Metaphor ebook which contains 27 short stories/metaphors – all home grown, written by either Bruce Farrow or Natasha Freeborn.

One of the joys of learning NLP is that it assists people in learning the art and science behind designing metaphors and a metaphor is a story with a meaning that creates options within the listener.

When you read some metaphors, the meaning is obvious. The more powerful metaphors are where the meaning is hidden and thus, only considered by the unconscious mind. Since the unconscious mind runs the behaviour of the human being, metaphors designed in this way have a great impact.

The stories are for your own personal use. Please do not post them on the internet, no matter how much you like them. Google will see this as duplicate content and penalise our website (and yours!)

Please enjoy our collection, and by leaving your contact details, we will ensure you get sent all future stories to add to the download.

To download – fill in your details and press send. As soon as you have done this a link will appear – click on it and download your NLP metaphor ebook straightaway !

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