gary lavery nlpSO THERE I WAS, sitting in the Eitiad Business Lounge in Abu-Dhabi International Airport waiting for my outbound connecting flight to Pune in India. The local time here was 10:45pm, I had been travelling since 3:45am UK time in order to fly from Manchester International Airport and to say it out loud “I was ABSOLUTELY emotionally, mentally and physically knackered”.

I had said “Goodbye” to my loving family the evening before. And in all honesty leaving them behind for 8 weeks was tough, probably the hardest thing I have ever, EVER done in my life to date. Shortly afterwards my oldest son, Liam wrote a lovely message on Facebook, “See you in 8 weeks – To the best Dad in the World”. His message really did touch me inside from an emotional aspect, not just because I was going away for such a length of time, but for the empowering words and loving connection I have with him. WOW!

But as I sat there patiently waiting inside the lounge, I just couldn’t get Liam’s message out of my head, it was so moving. My mind was starting to doubt whether I could really do this length of time away from him because I really did feel it emotionally. I knew that I needed to stay focused on the NOW and what was coming up in front of me. This was a real challenge of mind over matter.

Then within seconds my emotional state took another nose dive down the “blackhole” …

I just happened to glance my eyes over towards the Departures board, and the message I feared was now up there in lights, as if this was meant to happen, “PUNE – FLIGHT DELAYED!”

In all honestly, at that moment in time, I really thought I was going to wake up in bed and all of what I was experiencing around me, would just be the ultimate nightmare. But this was a dose of REAL life or perhaps it was another emotional round of “ME against ME”.

Inside my head, I kept telling myself “You really need to ‘Control the Controllables’ and stay focused on what was is happening around in the NOW” – then all of a sudden, as if by magic, a personal learning from a book I came across a few years back sprung to mind, which was this – “When your energy is down or your feeling low, connect with WHY you do what you do, but your WHY needs to be strong enough to pull you through shit times.” And that’s what I did.

My personal WHY for flying 4,724 miles across the world from Manchester to Pune, via Abu Dhabi, spending 8 weeks straight in a third world country, delivering training seminars and coaching individually is this …

“You know what I love about my life – I get to wake up every morning and do something I adore. I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. I get to change people’s lives. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. It makes me feel alive.”

“Never give up when you’re feeling down just fill yourself with the warrior spirit and then send the warrior into action.

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