Laura Evans NLPHave you ever gone to do something and then stopped moments before and thought – I can’t remember how to do this? What do you do to continually learn, grow and develop? Do you attend courses, learn loads, but forget to reflect and apply it, or consider ongoing CPD?

At school I studied home economics and I remember the teacher telling us that a blunt knife is always more dangerous than a sharp knife – ‘you should always keep your knifes sharp’, she’d say.

Stephen R. Covey an eminent Business guru said that one of the habits of highly successful people is that they ‘sharpen the saw’ – what does that mean to you? He talked about personal change & improvement being an on-going process of ‘Commit. Learn. Do’ (which has similarity to the 5 principles of success we teach on the NLP Practitioner course).

How you ‘sharpen your saw’ is personal. Some watch videos (such as TedEx), others read books (new books or perhaps dive back into an ‘oldie, but a goodie’!). Some meditate, listen to audios or do something else. Many of you will have either attended an NLP course, or are considering attending one either for the first time or as a refresher. Courses are a great way of ‘sharpening the saw’ if you like learning with others, love talking things through, seeing demonstrations, want to spend time with others for inspiration or to glean wisdom or new ways of thinking. The key is do something so you continue to learn and develop …

I stumbled across some research the other day about how long people retain information before it’s forgotten. The Ebbinghaus effect suggests that over time people forget what they’ve learnt – perhaps even 90% in the first week – the phrase ‘use it or loose it’ springs to mind. As an NLP trainer, we teach delegates NLP at the conscious and unconscious level (so I know delegates always retain more than traditional teaching). That said, if they don’t use it day to day, apply it, or review it – their knowledge will start to fade over time – and then they will need to ‘sharpen their saw’.

So my challenge to you this week, is what can you do to sharpen your saw? – decide, commit and take action!

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