It has been an interesting 2015 which has resulted in some big decisions – decisions that have surprised a few people!

When I started NLP training back in 2000, I found something that I loved doing and something that people seemed to like and want. The standards in the NLP world, at that time, were not very high and by focussing on quality, Helford 2000 Ltd, emerged as one of the largest NLP Training companies in the UK.

Over the years, we expanded the trainings and for several years, also ran the largest NLP Training Company in the Middle East. In other words I got very busy and I loved it.

Our UK trainings evolved with the arrival of possibly the best co-trainers on the planet and once again, people loved what we were doing and I certainly enjoyed having such awesome people to work with. We had a lot of fun with incredible students and it all worked rather well.

All sounds great, doesn’t it! However there was a price to pay and that price was to constantly be travelling, constantly staying in hotels and to essentially have a schedule that dictated where I was going to be on any day in the next 18 months and after 15 years, that became a little tiring!

When Natasha started talking about going to live and work in the USA I was faced with several choices. Find another co-trainer who blended in with my style of training and who was also an incredibly talented trainer and who was a really good friend, or carry on training on my own like I did when I started, or end the continual trainings and do something else – either related or non- related.

Finding another co-trainer is like going out in the world to find a best friend who happens also to be an amazing and inspirational NLP Trainer as well. As you can appreciate this is a really big ask and, having worked with the best, I couldn’t visualise anyone being as good as any of my previous co-trainers. I am not saying there isn’t that person out there – I just don’t know them!

Option 2 was to carry on training alone and whilst I did this for 7 years, I have had so much fun training with my co-trainers that I wasn’t prepared to commit to doing all courses on my own. In addition, the amount of sheer energy it takes to run a course on your own to a really high standard is vast and perhaps I am getting a little old to keep doing that consistently.

Option 3 ended up as the only option and that is to stop training full time and to stop having a schedule of NLP Trainings that necessitated a huge amount of time doing marketing and then doing the courses. Will I train NLP in the future – I expect I will but it will probably be when someone wants me to run a course for them. I have no doubt I will keep my hand in since my qualifications allow me to train courses that other people can’t. What I will not be doing is having lists of courses being run by Helford 2000 scheduled 18 months in advance!

So essentially I am an NLP Master Trainer for hire! In addition, since I like working with people I can devote more time to coaching and helping existing NLP trainers that I have trained, develop. Plus there are some other projects I want to do – such as restore an American Classic Car – something I have never had the time to even consider before. And then there is my golf . . .

It wasn’t an easy decision to make since I love training, however it was one that had to be made. The life clock continues to tick and one has to change and morph and consistently re-invent oneself in order to be happy.

So at this time, this particular year, I reflect back on the last 15 years of NLP Training and am grateful to all our wonderful NLP students who I have had the pleasure of training over the years and hope that in some way, you have found a way through your knowledge of NLP to make your lives better. I am grateful for their company and I am grateful for all the fun and laughs that we have had – perhaps I should write a book of funny things that have happened on NLP Trainings! Most of all, I am grateful for knowing you all.

As I reflect back, I am grateful to my wonderful co-trainers – people who put up with me (!) and helped deliver such awesome courses. We had so much fun and I was truly privileged to work alongside them for those years. One should remember that each of these people contributed massively towards making our NLP Trainers Training what it is today – awesome! They are all very special people.

Finally I am grateful to my wife, Lyn, who has worked tirelessly in the office administering all the bookings and courses. In addition I am grateful to my children, Eddy & Katie (and Barney the dog) who have put up with me being away constantly for 15 years so that I can do my thing. Hopefully they will not mind me being at home a lot more!

I have an NLP Practitioner Course, an NLP Coach/TLT/Hypnosis Course, a Master Practitioner Course and an NLP Trainers Training remaining on our schedule and I will ensure that each one of those courses is the best, ever!

So to you all, have a most wonderful and joyous Christmas time and make 2016 the most amazing year ever, and, once again, thank you.

Kind regards

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