WP_20141003_009Next week 12 of our students will be heading for Hua Hin, Thailand, to take part in the 2015 NLP Trainers Training event.

These students have been enrolled on the programme for some time now and have been preparing furiously to ensure they get the most from the experience. Next week it all becomes real.

So what awaits them? A sensory overload, for a start. The smells and sounds and views of Thailand are so different and so exquisite. They will meet the Thai people who are, without question, the most respectful and peaceful and happy people they will ever meet. On the training they will experience highs and lows and a constant drive to do better. They will push themselves to achieve things that they never thought possible and by the end of the training they will have come alive, will be inspirational and will be, perhaps for the first time in their lives, themselves.

It is a training like no other and whether they want to be an NLP Trainer or not, it just doesn’t matter when you look at what they get out of it.

At the end of the training we will dine on the beach at our gala dinner, under the stars and will raise our glasses to an experience of a lifetime.

This is our 7th NLP Trainers Training in Hua Hin and Natasha and I are so looking forward to getting out there and getting ‘stuck in!’

Natasha and I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all our friends and students to send our very best wishes to our 12 exceptional delegates.  May you exceed your own expectations and do yourselves justice and, have a lot of fun doing so!
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