bruce farrow windsor nlp - conviction to excellenceAn announcement from Bruce Farrow  –  I was speaking with Natasha Freeborn (my co-trainer) a few weeks ago about life in general and she mentioned that she always had a desire to work in the USA and thought that this was the time of her life when she should look at that option more thoroughly. I had been contemplating stepping down for some time now and this chat kind of triggered something in me that perhaps, now was a good time to retire from full time NLP Training.

Over the years I have trained with some amazing co-trainers and believe me, trainers of their calibre do not grow on trees. Each was different, each had their own unique approach and possessed an awesome knowledge of NLP and each had the passion and skill to deliver it in a way that captured the students. They were/are also very lovely people.

So do I want to go out and find another co-trainer – not really! I have trained with the best and I think now is the time to quit.

I have been training NLP for about 15 years now and have been privileged to have trained thousands of NLP Practitioners and hundreds of Master Practitioners and nearly a hundred NLP Trainers.

I have met so many great people along the way and have been thrilled to be part of their NLP journey and perhaps, showed them how NLP could change their lives. So many students took what they learned and went out and created new lives and for that, I admire them greatly.

My full schedule over the years has meant in some years that I have spent over 7 months of the year away from home and this, and the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes has meant I have had little time for anything else. For example, I love golf and have only played once in the last 2 years!

So, I have decided that after March 2016, I will be retiring from full time training. I might do the odd course for someone else and will definitely be running the annual NLP Trainers Training in 2016. After that event though, there are no further plans.

Why stop doing something that I love, you might ask? Well, I have other passions and interests in my life and I think it is time for a little ‘me’ time that involves less travelling! I might play a little golf, restore the odd classic American car and even make a few NLP products! I intend to take things as they come and for people who know me, that is unheard of.

So, to all the students who have attended our courses – thank you for allowing me to be part of your life’s journey. It was an honour to share my knowledge with you and, it was fun too!

To my co-trainers, – thank you for putting up with me and making me look good. You are awesome people and I am lucky to have had the opportunity of spending so much time with each of you.

To Natasha – go girl, America is waiting! Not sure they are ready for you though! Thank you for being a great friend and a wonderful training partner. I know you will be a massive hit in the good old US of A!

To my family, please allow me to introduce myself . . .

To summarise – our Last Course Dates

  • Last NLP Practitioner Courses with Bruce Farrow & Natasha Freeborn
    London 11th Oct, 2015- 17th Oct, 2015
    Hertfordshire 6th Dec, 2015- 12th Dec, 2015
    London 31st Jan, 2016- 6th Feb, 2016
  • Last NLP Coach/TLT/Hypnosis Courses with Bruce Farrow & Natasha Freeborn
    London 18th Oct, 2015 – 21st Oct, 2015
    London 7th Feb, 2016 – 10th Feb, 2016
  • Last Master Practitioner with Bruce Farrow & Natasha Freeborn
  • Hertfordshire week 1 25th October, 2015 31st October, 2015
  • Hertfordshire week 2 23rd November, 2015 29th November, 2015
  • London wk1 21st February, 2016 27th February, 2016
  • London wk2 20th March, 2016 26th March, 2016

And in the words of Bosko – “that’s all, folks!”

There will be no planned programmes after the above dates so, if you were planning on coming to one of our courses then, as they say, you have been warned!

Kind regards



Note on Author – Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer,  trained NLP courses for many years.  His long term conviction to help every student embrace the knowledge of the science and art of NLP and, in doing so, change their lives resulted in his NLP trainings becoming highly sought after. He has now retired from training and lives in London with his family.




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5 Responses to Bruce Farrow Announces his Retirement from NLP Training

  1. Bruce Farrow says:

    Oh wow! In the last 24 hours I have had over 200 emails wishing me well, from our nice students! I am desperately trying to respond to each of you personally, so please be patient! Thank you all so much 🙂

  2. Anne Dillon says:

    Wow Bruce!! I never thought I’d read that! Thank you for opening up my thinking to so many possibilities. I’m still going strong and seem to have (to the doctors) reversed my nerve damage and MS symptoms for the time being. I, however, know I have reversed it for good but as you say – perception is the key here! I wish you all the best whatever you do and I’ll try and pop in to a London training if you let me know where they are.

    With all best wishes


  3. Bruce Farrow says:

    Thank you Anne and I am so pleased that you have done so much to restore your health. You are a true inspiration to others 🙂

    We would love to see you on any course – just drop the office a line for all the details.

    Stay well,



  4. Garth Bernard says:

    Only just seen this. Shame. You will be missed. You are a fantastic teacher and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. I have used the skills you taught me to help well over a hundred people. From Royalty to pensioners. They are grateful and so am I. Enjoy the golf !!

  5. Bruce Farrow says:

    Thank you Garth, I appreciate it. I enjoyed teaching and now it is the turn of others. My best wishes to you.

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